Welcome to No More Crutches!

Welcome to No More Crutches and thank you for considering RollerAid™ as part of your rehabilitation effort. We are pleased to be part of your recovery process.

There are several turning orthopedic leg scooters available today but no others offer the patented swivel-front wheel system of the RollerAid™. Swiveling front wheels offer the smallest turning circle and, in conjunction with RollerAid’s one-touch straight system, the ability to go straight at the touch of a button.

The RollerAid™ folds much smaller and weighs considerably less than any other turning leg support scooter. We believe that the RollerAid™ will greatly enhance your ability to remain non-weight-bearing during the healing process.

The RolleAid™ knee scooter is the most preferred knee scooter on the market and is rapidly replacing crutches as the preferred way to remain active and mobile throughout your recovery process.

No More Crutches serves all of Phoenix, Los Angeles and Kansas City. We pride ourselves on the highest level of service in the industry. We realize how difficult it is to function when incapacitated and strive to make your recovery process as easy as possible.