RollerAid™ Comparison

When it comes to comparing the RollerAid™ and the Rollabout, there really is no comparison. The RollerAid™ turns and the Rollabout does not. The RollerAid™ has handlebars to hold onto with dual rear brakes. The Rollabout has a small non padded bar to hang on to with a single rear brake that really does not work very well. How do I know this? I spent 8 weeks on the Rollabout before finding out about the RollerAid™. Once I tried the RollerAid™, there was no going back to the Rollabout. At the time, there were no Rolleraid distributors in the Phoenix area so I decided to start a new business…and here we are!

One of the major benefits of the RollerAid™ verses many of the other models on the market is the RollerAid™ performs a “zero radius turn”. Think of it this way, if you are in your car in a parking lot and make a turn, it has a wide turn radius and you are limited to how tight of a turn you can make. Now imagine that your steering wheel does not stop and allows your front wheels to effectively turn in a 360 degree turn. That is how the RollerAid™ works!

I will be brutaly honest here, the Rollabout does fold up a bit smaller than the RollerAid™ and is 2 pounds lighter. If you compare being able to turn verses having to go in a straight line and lifting the front wheels to go in a different direction, you will see the RollerAid™ wins hands down.

In addition, the RollerAid™ has a 21″ front wheel base which makes it much more stable than the Rollabout’s 15″ front wheel base.