“I wanted to take this opportunity to thank you and your wonderful staff for all the help, patience and understanding given me during my injury and use of RollerAid™. Your staff were all very kind and helpful. The RollerAid™ itself was fantastic! It made getting around after my Achilles surgery so easy and so much more comfortable than using crutches. Whenever I would be out, people would always stop and ask about the RollerAid™ and mention what a great alternative to crutches for people who can not put weight on a foot or an ankle. I couldn’t agree more!”

“The RollerAid™ works so much better than crutches. It allowed me to go back to work right away, keep weight off of my foot, and maintain mobility in my job and every day life. The RollerAid™ is very light weight and can easily be put in and taken out of a vehicle. I especially enjoyed having the basket and latte’ cup holder!!”

Deb Johnson, Principal, Libby Center, Spokane Public Schools

“About six weeks ago I broke a bone in my foot. My physician, Dr. Frost, felt I should stay off my foot for eight to twelve weeks, and suggested I try a The RollerAid™ as an alternative to crutches. I got my RollerAid™ delivered the next day, and was very pleased, not just with the way it functioned, but with the very thorough orientation to it that you provided. Until last week, I brought the The RollerAid™ to work every day, and used it around the house at night. It was invaluable at work – as a lawyer I’m constantly up from my desk to talk to clients or colleagues, getting books from the research library, handling client files, or just going down the hall to get coffee. If I had to use crutches, I wouldn’t be able to carry anything except a backpack, and that just isn’t a very efficient way to tote books, files and papers around. With the RollerAid™ I could throw files, books and my purse in the basket and carry them around the office, to and from meetings and to my car and home. It even had a cupholder to put my daily latte’ in!

The RollerAid™ folds up so that it fit in the back seat of my car, and was easy to move to and from the office. I even took it to the grocery store.

As it turns out, I only needed to be off my foot for about five weeks. Nevertheless, while I was off my foot, I continued to get exercise by using the The RollerAid™; I know from previous experience with crutches that I was much more inclined to avoid moving at all rather than exhausting myself on crutches. It may be, too, that because the RollerAid was so easy to use, that my foot healed faster than I expected.

I really hope I never have need of the The RollerAid™ again, but if I do have the misfortune to injure my foot or need surgery in the future, I’m really glad to have this alternative. ”

Mary R Giannini

“I met a lot of people rolling around. Most had never seen anything like it. One of my cats was constantly jumping into the basket for a ride around the condo.”

Karen Weslowski, Seattle, Washington