What Is A RollerAid™?

rolleraid knee walker rentalsThe RollerAid is a modern solution for the “age-old-crutch”. For those who have lost the ability to walk because of a lower-leg injury and have tried the RollerAid™, the comparision is obvious, the RollerAid™ is the vehicle of choice. Patients find the RollerAid™ much easier to use than the unstable crutches or walker. The RollerAid™ is designed for convenience, comfort and stability. The RollerAid is equipped with four wheels for stability, handbrakes and a handlebar for controlled movement and added safety. In addition, it is lightweight, compact and folds easily for transporting and storage.

The patent-pending crutch subsitute is self propelled and fully adjustable. With regular use, patients exercise the muscles around the knee, hip and trunk. The padded bench and swiveling front wheels allow the user to turn the RollerAid™ a full 360 degrees without picking up the scooter. Models include locking front and rear brakes, a removable basket and drink holder.

rolleraid knee walker rentals Not only does the RollerAid™ take less energy to propel than a walker or crutches, it also provides a stable platform as you move around. Considering these benefits, it may seem surprising to hear that the RollerAid™ strengthens muscles instead of allowing atrophy, that is, wasting away of muscles and bone mass. Muscle atrophy is one of the negative consequences of using crutches, walkers, and wheelchairs. By exercising most or all of the muscles around the knee, hip, and trunk during regular use, recipients benefit from strengthening of those muscles in both the injured and uninjured legs while also ensuring that blood is pumped to the injured leg resulting in improved circulation and reduced swelling.

For a video demonstration on why the rolleraid is the knee scooter physicians recommend the most, click here.